Services We Provide

Fifth Management has an effective management program that includes:

● Close supervision and support of on-site employees.
● Constant training in all aspects of management, leasing, and maintenance.
● Careful monitoring of traffic and allocation of advertising dollars.
● Aggressive marketing and leasing enabling average occupancy rates of 98%.
● Consistent maintenance and unit turnover procedures that minimize costs over time.
● Concise, clear, and accurate financial reporting.
● National accounts to assure the best pricing for materials.
● Years of experience and a thorough bidding process to secure the best pricing for all construction and improvements.

Our objective is to maximize income and minimize and control expenses. The services provided include, but are not limited to, the following:

● Full accounting of income and expenses
● Staffing of on-site employees according to the owner and government approved budget
● Property management supervision by the professional staff of Fifth Management
● Routine occupancy and collection reporting
● Preparation of annual project budgets
● Preparation and submission of annual reports
● Facilitation of all financial audits
● Owner Distributions - as directed
● Human resources and benefit administration for all site staff
● Construction supervision and supervision
● Insurance/Risk Management.

Capital improvements are overseen by the Fifth Management central office and closely monitored by the regional staff. Capital Improvements are managed in coordination with a capital needs assessment of the property and are discussed and coordinated with the Owner and accounting staff to facilitate cash flow management.

On-site property managers collect and deposit rents and record the income into an on-site accounting system that is linked to the Fifth Management corporate office. No cash is accepted on site; only cashier's checks, money orders and personal checks. Each property's maintenance, tenant and government compliance systems are also linked to corporate headquarters and consistently monitored. Fifth Management participates in cost effective purchasing opportunities for a number of expense categories and uses established national accounts whenever possible to achieve the greatest savings to the properties.

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